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Everything For The Farmer But Rain

Missouri Farm Broadcaster of the Year, Kyle Hill, bring you market updates, agriculture news, and extended forecasts throughout the day. Market updates can be heard live at quarter-past and quarter-till each hour of the trading day. Headline agriculture news and extended weather forecasts can be heard at the bottom of each hour from sunrise to sunset.

Each weekday, you’ll get the latest information, expert opinions, analysis, and commentary from AgriTalk – Agriculture’s First National Talk Show. AgriTalk has been on the air since 1994 with content focused on agriculture news, weather, markets, policy, and rural issues.

Many other award-winning programs are featured throughout the day, these include: Midwest Digest with Max Armstrong, American Countryside with Andrew McCrea, Successful Farming Radio Magazine, Living the Country Life, Across Our Wide Missouri, and more!

Our weekend programming lineup now includes Agri$hop with Gene Millard each Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. Got something you want to buy? Maybe your looking to sell, Call Gene Saturday morning at 1-888-247-4746.

Weekday Schedule:

7:25        Farm Journal Report
7:51        Across Our Wide Missouri
8:15        Market Preview
8:20        Morning Midwest Digest
8:25        American Countryside
8:30        Local News
8:34        Farm Headline
8:38        Living The Country Life
8:45        Market Update
9:15        Market Update
9:34        Farm Headline
9:38        Country Gal Corral
9:45        Market Update
11:15      Market Update
11:20     Loos Tales with Trent Loos
11:30     MissouriNet News
11:33     Farm Headline
11:38     Farm Journal Report
11:45     Market Update
12:07     Local News
12:12     Obits
12:15     Salebarn Recap (MDA)
12:30     Farm Newscast
12:38     Local Sports
12:45     Market Update
12:55     Livestock Summary (Fridays) (MDA)
1:15        Market Update
1:30        MissouriNet News
1:33        Farm Headline
1:38        Afternoon Midwest Digest
1:40        Weekly Vignettes
1:45        Market Recap
1:50        Country Gal Corral
2:00        AgriTalk – After The Bell w/ Chip Flory
3:00        Adams on Agriculture w/ Mike Adams
4:00        Rural Route Radio w/ Trent Loos
5:07        Farm Headline
5:09        Closing Market Report (MDA)
5:12        Living The Country Life
5:27        Cash Grains Summary (MDA)
5:30        MissouriNet News