4-H Member of the Month

Henry County 4-H Member of the Month: Shelby Madole

Shelby Madole is October’s 4-Her of the month. Shelby is 12 years old and has been a part of the Clinton Cougars 4-H club for 2 years. Shelby grew up with 4 sisters and one brother. She is home schooled and enjoys drawing in her spare time. She joined 4-H to meet other kids and learn new ideas. Shelby would describe 4-H as a good starting point for someone to learn different skills.  The project Shelby  participates in this last year was rabbits and she plans on doing Arts and Crafts and Sewing  next year. Her favorite project is Rabbits. She says it is her favorite project because her rabbit is cute and very special to her. The most important thing Shelby has learned in 4-H is First Aid.  Shelby has been the secretary and Vice President for the Clinton Cougars. She said that being Secretary is a hard job, but since she picked it up so well last year she is the Secretary again this year. Shelby says she likes being the Secretary. Shelby said the most exciting things she has done in 4-H is turtles, blanket making and first aid. She doesn’t know what her future plans in 4-H are yet. The skills Shelby learned while doing rabbits will help her teach others who don’t know anything about rabbits. Shelby said people should join  4-H because it is a fun place to learn. We chose Shelby Madole for 4-H’er of the month because of her enthusiasm and willingness to help our club and others. She served as our Secretary last year  enthusiastically embracing a new experience and following through to do an excellent job. This year she is serving a dual officer as both Vice-President and Secretary. We look forward to seeing great things from Shelby.