4-H Member of the Month

Henry County 4-H Member of the Month: Laci Madole

Name: Laci Madole
Age: 15
Club attending: Clinton Cougars 4-H
Years attended: two years
Siblings: four sisters, one brother
School: Homeschooled
Likes: Music, outdoors, gymnastics, meteorology and chickens.
Describe 4-H: I would describe 4-H being a good way to learn how to do everyday things and learn how to grow and raise your own food, animals, and crops.
Projects attended: Agronomy, cooking, canning, rabbits, and poultry.
This years projects: Agronomy, cooking, canning, and poultry.
Favorite project: Poultry
Why: Because chickens are a very interesting type of bird and are good for three things for egg production, for meat and just for a pet that you can love and enjoy.
The most important thing I have learned: Health and Fitness
Role I played in 4-H: I was treasurer for 1 year
About being Treasurer: I would say being treasurer can be a little confusing and overwhelming at first but once I got the hang of it I loved it and would do it again.
The most exciting things I’ve done: Blanket making, Cake decorating, poultry and 4-H carnival.

“I would definitely recommend 4-H to families because its a great way to learn about animals and foods and crafts and many other things, it will teach you how to raise your own food like poultry or in a garden or how to preserve you food like in canning. 4-H is amazing in so many ways and I think that every kid should learn about the things I have learned so they can also pass on the knowledge they would get from it.”

Henry County 4-H Member of the Month Interview

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