4-Her of the Month

The 4-Her of the month is Nate Bailey. Nate is the son of Rick and Liz Bailey. Nate is a member of the Montrose Busy Beaver 4-H Club. He joined 4-H with his older brother because his mother was a 4-H’er when she was growing up, and she knew it would be a good experience for them. Nate describes 4-H as a way to try out things that you may not otherwise get to try. He says there are lots of opportunities to meet new people and learn new things. Nate has taken many different projects in 4-H including arts and crafts, hiking, camping, goats, swine, woodworking, beekeeping, and .22 rifle. His favorite project is hiking and camping because he likes to be outdoors and likes to hang out with his friends while doing those activities. Nate says the most important thing he has learned in 4-H is leadership. He has learned to take charge in a group and also to speak in front of people and make presentations. Nate was the health officer for his club. He enjoyed encouraging his club to make healthy life choices. Each month he gave them a health challenge to do. He liked checking in with them the following month to see if they achieved it. The most exciting thing he has done in 4-H was selling his livestock at the fair. At the fair, he was judged for his work with his animal, and it was rewarding for him to see how it paid off in the end. Nate’s future plans through 4-H are to continue 4-H through high school and go on many different trips that 4-H has to offer. He says that trips are a great way to meet new people and learn leadership skills. So far, Nate has gone to 4-H camp and Teen Conference. He says he will use the public speaking skills in school and work along with other community activities. He has learned the importance of working well with others and how important citizenship is for the community where he lives. He would encourage others to join 4-H because there are so many opportunities for any type of person or any interest. 4-H has more projects and activities to try than you might get a chance to do anywhere else.